Meeting in Spanish, Speed ​​Spanish tapas

Why a meeting in Spanish?



  • To get answers to your questions.
  • To meet other people who learn Spanish, to share your experience of Spanish culture.
  • To be motivated with tips to continue with your learning of Spanish.
  • To have a good time and express yourself freely in Spanish – or even in Spanglish – without being judged!

Let’s meet online around some Speed Spanish TAPAS on Google Hangouts.

In Spain is very typical go to CAÑAS Y TAPAS to talk and interact with people.

SPEED SPANISH TAPAS is a virtual meeting to relate in Spanish with other people who are interested in Spanish language and culture and help each other to keep learning.


For who? For everyone who learn Spanish or want to learn Spanish.

How does it take place? Via Google Hangouts. More information about this at:


Number of participants: 7

Lengths: 1 hour maximum

What day? Wednesday, March 26

What time? At 6pm (Spain time)


Contact me if you want to participate, every way is good:

Mail: elizabeth@speedspanish.net

Skype: elizabeth.martin.ruiz




And it’s free!


level test

Spanish level test

Do you want to know your level of Spanish? Would you like to know what grammar you should improve and what grammar you know well?

After performing this level test I will send you a customized report with the strongest and weakest points in your learning of the Spanish language.

This test will help you set your goals and get them.

Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers, the level test will help you to improve your Spanish, this is the most important thing.