level test

Spanish level test

Do you want to know your level of Spanish? Would you like to know what grammar you should improve and what grammar you know well?

After performing this level test I will send you a customized report with the strongest and weakest points in your learning of the Spanish language.

This test will help you set your goals and get them.

Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers, the level test will help you to improve your Spanish, this is the most important thing.



In some countries this month’s discounts to buy.

In Spanish we say: REBAJAS

Lola will buy in a clothes shop and talking to the seller/

Lola va a comprar en una tienda de ropa y habla con el vendedor:

Ir de compras

Vendedor: ¡Hola, buenos días!

Lola: ¡¡Hola!!

Vendedor: ¿Qué desea?

Lola: Quería un jersey.

Vendedor: ¿De qué talla?

Lola: La “M”.

Vendedor: Sí, tenemos este y este.

Lola: ¿Cuánto cuestan?

Vendedor: 15 euros.

Lola: Pues me llevo el rosa.

Vendedor: Aquí tiene.

Lola: Muchas gracias.

Vendedor: Gracias a usted.


You can learn more vocabulary about clothing here. Feel free to leave comments and questions below.


¡¡¡Hasta pronto!!!!


A Christmas Carol to end the year

In Speed Spanish ended the year with a special Christmas carol. Some students have participated singing to end the year with a smile.

Was a lot of fun making this video with them, they are a professional singing Spanish :-)

See you next year with more laughter, more songs and mucho, mucho, mucho más español.

Happy and prosperous new year.  That 2014 be a memorable year for everyone.



Gente cantando 2

Singing songs in Spanish

As a Spanish learner, you have to dedicate a fair amount of time to learning idioms because there are just so many of them.  And of course, since there is no formula to build an idiom or predict the structure or the meaning, you are basically stuck memorizing them.  You can make lists and flashcards, and sure, that works, but let me recommend one of my preferred methods: music.

Music is one of the best ways to support, even enhance your language-learning experience.

To open this section we will start with one of my favorite songs. Happy listening!


Group: Los Piratas

Title: Años 80

Idiom: Echar de menos

Meaning: Miss to someone

Example: No te echaré de menos en septiembre (use the idiom in the future)


Original video clip


Video with lyrics and pictures to understand the vocabulary


Audio to listen on your phone


Interactive activity to complete the song



Feel free to leave comments and questions below. !!Hasta pronto!!



Spanish for life

Who doesn’t watch TV?

Almost everyone watches at least a little bit of television, right? Some people watch a whole lot.

So, are you watching at least some in Spanish?

You can start watching shows in Spanish with subtitles in your native language. The more that you do this, the more that you’ll find your Spanish is improving, and eventually, you can graduate to watching shows in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

The best part about watching TV shows in Spanish is that you’re learning real life Spanish–the Spanish that we speak daily. So you’ll be learning the language that we actually speak, not overly formal textbook Spanish that you’ve probably learned in school (this isn’t bad to know, but you won’t get very far just studying out of a book).

So in this post I’m going to recommend a series (started in the last few years and still running) about the history of Spain.

Series name: Isabel

Country: Spain isabel

Genre: Historical fiction

Abstract: When Seville is left without a direct heir to the throne, Princess Isabel and Prince Alfonso are cut off from their mother and everything they’ve ever known and forced to live in the royal court amongst strangers.


Watch Isabel on YouTube

 Watch the Isabel trailer


I hope it will capture your attention and keep you excited to improve your Spanish every day.

Feel free to leave comments and questions below.


¡¡¡Hasta pronto!!!!


Basic Conversation

Hola Speed Spanish Friends!!

Welcome to Speed Spanish podcast for listen while you are going to the job, university or while you are doing sports or for listen whenever you want and as you like.

In this first Spanish for beginner’s podcast we are going to learn the Spanish basic conversation and basic greetings.postcast

We will learn to say “hello” and “goodbye” in Spanish and to ask question about personal information for we have a basic conversation with other people.

If you want improve these keys and practice you can take a class with our teacher.

What would you like to speak at the next podcast? Feel free to leave comments and questions below or send me a message with suggestions at: elizabeth@speedspanish.net.

¡¡Hasta pronto!!