memrise y speed spanish

Learning vocabulary in Memrise

The other day one of my students told me about the Memrise application, he said that it was a very useful application for learning vocabulary. So after some research I decided to create a course to learn Spanish in this application.

The course that I created in Memrise  is about the vocabulary that we studied in my classes by Skype. Therefore, it is real vocabulary, everyday words and slang.


In this blog, I encourage you to come in and Memrise and you register in my course. It is a way of learning anywhere and anytime, you just need your mobile phone.

You see that, right now, in the Speed ​​Spanish course you can find basic vocabulary, common verbs and vocabulary of clothing. Gradually add new words and new levels.

Hopefully soon become part of Memrise and Speed ​​Spanish community.

And … if you like the course, You share it with your friends :)


¡¡Hasta pronto!!


Un abrazo,