Spanish for life

Who doesn’t watch TV?

Almost everyone watches at least a little bit of television, right? Some people watch a whole lot.

So, are you watching at least some in Spanish?

You can start watching shows in Spanish with subtitles in your native language. The more that you do this, the more that you’ll find your Spanish is improving, and eventually, you can graduate to watching shows in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

The best part about watching TV shows in Spanish is that you’re learning real life Spanish–the Spanish that we speak daily. So you’ll be learning the language that we actually speak, not overly formal textbook Spanish that you’ve probably learned in school (this isn’t bad to know, but you won’t get very far just studying out of a book).

So in this post I’m going to recommend a series (started in the last few years and still running) about the history of Spain.

Series name: Isabel

Country: Spain isabel

Genre: Historical fiction

Abstract: When Seville is left without a direct heir to the throne, Princess Isabel and Prince Alfonso are cut off from their mother and everything they’ve ever known and forced to live in the royal court amongst strangers.


Watch Isabel on YouTube

 Watch the Isabel trailer


I hope it will capture your attention and keep you excited to improve your Spanish every day.

Feel free to leave comments and questions below.


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